Watch The One Hour Long Director’s Roundtable Featuring Tarantino, Lee, Hooper And More

Want to watch a bunch of beloved filmmakers chat about their craft for an hour?

Bringing together Ang Lee, Ben Affleck, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Hooper, David O. Russell and Gus Van Sant, THR has released their uncensored roundtable chat with these six names, and it’s a rather intriguing mixed bag of an interview.

Affleck, Russell and Tarantino take up much of the time, and while a majority of this discussion is full of intriguing banter about temper tantrums, when they see their careers ending and if they’ve had hard times previously, but there are some lulls. Personally, I’m slowly starting to find Tarantino’s ramblings about the start of his career a tad arcane, especially when a handful of other great directors seem so taken with his widely known tales. Also, where are the women filmmakers? Kathryn Bigelow is a frontrunner this year for yet another Best Director Oscar, and with the film recently debuting, the iron is as hot as it will ever be for her to make the rounds. Where is someone like Spike Lee? Red Hook Summer is an absolute gem, and he’d be amazing to hear chat alongside these names. Finally, Van Sant’s involvement here is intriguing. His film, Promised Land, is receiving little to no buzz outside of these THR roundtables, and it makes me wonder if it’s truly something to keep an eye on, or if it is as seemingly dull as the trailers make it seem.

We’ll find out soon enough.

Source THR

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