We’re Having A Criterion Cast Meet-Up This Monday In Brooklyn

You might have noticed a considerable lack of posts going up on the site over the past few days. Clearly when I go on vacation, everyone goes on vacation. That’s actually not true. Josh has been cranking out the news stories everyday, and Rudie has been editing the podcast episodes, I just haven’t had the chance to get them edited, and formatted for the site yet.

As those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook are well aware, I’m wandering around New York and Brooklyn over the next week. I had initially planned on attending the Sundance Film Festival, but due to financial complications and lodging problems, we won’t be able make it to Park City this year. We will cover most of the films that we find interesting that are picked up at the Festival, and get some reviews up of the films that were made available to us before the festival.

Long story short, I’m in New York until Wednesday the 26th, and we’re planning on having a Criterion Cast meet-up on Monday, January 24th. At this point we’re planning on meeting up at this place called Barcade in Brooklyn. Apparently it’s a hipster bar complete with arcade games. As long as they have good beer, and plenty of seats, I’m fine with whatever.

If you’re in the area on Monday evening after 7, stop on by and say hello to the crew and I, who have never been in the same location in real life, before this! I’ve set up a Facebook event for the meet-up, if you want to RSVP that way.

If you can’t make the meet-up, but want to grab coffee before I head back to Portland, get in touch.