Wes Anderson Looking At Johnny Depp, Angela Lansbury, More, For Next Feature

While his casts have always historically been some of the biggest and best in modern cinema history, they may very well pale in comparison to what Wes Anderson has in store for us for his next film.

Twitch reports that the auteur has reached out to Anderson staples like Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Willem Dafoe and Adrian Brody, as well as names like Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Jeff Goldblum, and even Angela Lansbury to star in his next film.

Now, the film’s script is penned, and it will take place somewhere in Europe, and that is legitimately all that we know about the project at this point. As a huge fan of his latest, Moonrise Kingdom, I absolutely can’t wait to see what Anderson can offer us with a cast as broad and impeccable as this one. No start date has been set, but don’t be shocked if this sucker plays a big part in the festival slate of 2013.

Source Twitch