Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola Direct A Commercial For Stella Artois

Roman Coppola has directed many commercials and music videos through the years. Hell! Some of my favorite music videos have been directed by him, namely a series of early videos from The Strokes like 12:51, Last Nite and Someday. I always felt he should get his own collection through the Director’s Label series from Palm Pictures. Are they doing new sets?

He teams up with Wes Anderson to do a very hip ad for Stella Artois. I’m a huge fan of this ad but not the beer. Does this make me want to drink the beer? Absolutely not! Does it make me want to watch CQ again? Why, yes it does. It feels conceptually from Roman Coppola and executed by Wes Anderson. But that’s what I think.

Roman Coppola also directed an ad for the new iPad app for The New Yorker.

Be sure to pick up The Darjeeling Limited, out this week on DVD and Blu-ray.