Will Hulu Make It’s Way Onto Your Xbox?

So, just a few weeks after my XBOX 360 decided to freak out and crash on me, leaving me 360-less (luckily my Netflix for Wii disc came soon after), it looks like they may be getting yet another killer application making them the go to gaming console.

According to sources at GearLive, Hulu will be offering up their service, for a subscription fee, over Microsoft’s XBOX Live service. The service already has apps featuring Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and of course an ever growing video on demand service, so this is just yet another addition to their ever expanding catalogue of reasons why they are the best video game console currently going.

The announcement is slated to come at E3, which kicks off on June 14, so while there will be a fee to be paid, we don’t know exactly what that fee would be, but I wouldn’t doubt it if it’s much different than what Netflix currently has going.

Personally, while I don’t have an XBOX 360, I also don’t have enough time in the day to stay up on my TV watching, so, if the fee isn’t too much, this is definitely something I would pay for. Hell, if it gives me every episode available, there really wouldn’t be much of a need to have actual cable, outside of stations like TCM and IFC.

What do you think of this news? Is this something you would use?

Source: GearLive