Will We Get A Sequel To The Grandmaster From Director Wong Kar-Wai?


Yes, it’s been years and years in the making, but apparently, a sequel to Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmaster is possibly heading our way.

According to The Oriental Daily (via WongKarWai and The Playlist), distributors behind Wong Kar-Wai’s upcoming film are backing the idea of a sequel to the hotly anticipated feature film, that is already tearing up box offices in Asia.

However, Tony Leung appears to be cold to the idea. Allegedly, during the shooting of the Ip Man-centered drama, he and his directing counterpart had some issues, and with Leung saying he likes “staying fresh” and he likes to “try new things,” it appears as though he will be out of the second film.

With the new picture not covering the entire life of Ip Man, there is a lot of story to mine here, particularly the end of his career when he was a main influence in the life of Bruce Lee. Kar-Wai appears to have crafted one of the most esoteric and visually striking action films in years, and while one would like to keep him from starting a franchise of sorts, I can’t help but anxiously await anything he does. If that means a sequel to this beautiful actioner, I can’t help but await that film with all my soul.

Source Oriental Daily / WongKarWai / The Playlist

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