With A 50% Off Sale Rumored To Begin Soon, Barnes & Noble Shares Drop To New Low

You hear this Criterion Collection fans, we have a job to do.

According to Reuters, Barnes & Noble Inc shares have bottomed out at their lowest level in more than a year this week. What makes this all the more shocking, is that this comes at the same time as they announced that they could become owner of a quarter of the exponentially growing e-books market, with the possibility of bringing in billions of dollars for new sales.

The company, who will is rumored to start their 50% off DVD sale on July 13th, saw their shares fall as much as 17.2 percent after announcing a quarterly loss on Monday, after sales of physical copies of books fell, and more money was spent on their e-reader, The Nook.

As is the case with the slowly dying world of physical music and the rise in online streaming of video, it appears as though physical copies of the written word are losing their luster, with things like the Kindle and Nook coming in their place, which while convenient, is definitely disheartening, especially for a fan of physical media like I am.

However, there is something we can all do, at least on a really small, minute level. Two weeks from now, the company is hosting their epic half off DVD sale, which for us fans of the Criterion Collection, means that not only are they that much more affordable, but hey, the bigger box sets now become possible purchases. Also, why don’t you pick up a copy of that book you’ve always meant to read, or a graphic novel that has enticed you, or if I may be so bold as to make a few recommendations, check out two graphic novels, The Unwritten and Sweet Tooth. Really great books, particularly for fans of films, as one deals directly with the idea of the power of fiction, and the other is one of the more haunting looks at a post-apocalyptic future, that we’ve seen since something like last year’s The Road.

What are you looking forward to buying this month?

Source: Reuters

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