Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmasters Delayed For Additional Shooting, When Will We See It Stateside?

And to think, Terrence Malick was the only filmmaker we all thought the universe seemed to hate.

While that director continues to pump out product after product over the past few years, Wong Kar-Wai is still finding it tough to get his latest film, The Grandmasters into cinemas. According to our bunk buddy over at CriterionCorner (aka David Ehrlich, with a tip of the hat to fellow friend of the site, James Marsh) and some rather gorgeous character posters (available over at Sina), the film has yet again been delayed.

Okay, so the delay itself isn’t massive; it’s only being moved three weeks later to January 8th in China, but the reason why seems to be a bit odd. Apparently the auteur leapt out of the editing bay to shoot some new material for the film, making it one of the longer production cycles we’ve seen in quite some time.

So the question remains, when will we see this sucker stateside? One would have to assume that it’s perfect award season fodder, given its pedigree, but waiting from January to, say, an August/September release seems silly/unlikely. March possibly? Or could we see it hit in the doldrums that is January? February seems like the likeliest destination for the film, but at this point, any guess is as good as mine.

Source CriterionCorner / Sina / The Film Stage

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