Worldview Entertainment Backing David Gordon Green’s Joe

While Annapurna Pictures, Megan Ellison’s auteur-loving company may have all of the news coming from backers with a penchant for funding interesting projects from interesting directors, Worldview Entertainment is making their own waves.

With projects from Eli Roth, Ti West, Atom Egoyan and Guillame Canet in the works or on their way, Criterion Collection fans need to take note, as David Gordon Green has just made friends with the team at Worldview.

The company will fund a film entitled  Joe, which will be helmed by DGG, and star none other than Nicolas Cage. Penned by Gary Hawkins, the film is based off of a novel from Larry Brown, and follows the ‘story of an ex-con who becomes the unlikeliest of role models to 15-year-old Gary Jones, the oldest child of a homeless family ruled by a drunk, worthless father.’ Set in Mississippi, the film sounds more akin to films like  Undertow  or his masterpiece,  George Washington, than anything Green has done in years, and that couldn’t be more enticing.

Cage is a great, but a seemingly misunderstood actor, whose energy is cartoonish and just absolutely enigmatic. Cage teaming with Green in a southern-tinged bit of drama is easily the best sounding project Green has on his slate.  Suspiria  has been a remake in the works for years now, so who knows when we’ll see that, but honestly, this film will hopefully be taking precedence over anything else Green has in store. Fingers crossed. There is also his film,  Prince Avalanche, that seems to be smaller in scale and scope, so hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from Green soon.

Source  The Playlist

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