Criterion Reflections – Episode 119 – Gordon Parks’ Shaft’s Big Score!

David and guests talk about the second installment in the SHAFT franchise and also discuss TOP OF THE HEAP, both currently featured in the Criterion Channel's "Beyond Blaxploitation" bundle.

Criterion Now – Episode 144 – July 2022 Announcements, David Lynch, Truffaut

Jill and Aaron get into June announcements, a lot of David Lynch news, and speculate about François Truffaut.

Five Films To See From Prismatic Ground 2022 [Film Festival Dispatch]

This year's series runs May 4-8, and these are five must see features/shorts from the impressive lineup.

Criterion Channel Surfing, Episode 53: The Permanent Streaming Library

Josh is joined by friend-of-the-show Michael Hutchins for a conversation about the Criterion Channel’s permanent streaming library.

May 2022 Programming on the Criterion Channel Announced

For May, the Channel will feature films from Richard Linklater, Christine Choy, Juzo Itami, and more!

Criterion Now – Episode 143 – June 2022 Announcements, Indicator Bogart, Kinuyo Tunaka

Marcus Pinn joins as we discuss June announcements and a lot more.

Five Films To See From New Directors/New Films 2022 [Film Festival Dispatch]

This year's series runs April 20-May 1, and these are five must see features/shorts from the impressive lineup.

Inside the Box – Episode 13 – Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project No. 1, Part 3

In this episode of Inside the Box, Trevor Berrett and David Blakeslee discuss the third pair of films -- Ahmed El Maanouni's Trances and Kim Ki-Young's The Housemaid -- in Martin Scorsese's World Cinema...

Criterion Reflections – Episode 118 – Bruce Lee’s The Way of the Dragon

David is joined by Michael Worth and Richard Doyle to talk about the last film Bruce Lee starred in during his lifetime, his only directorial effort, the climactic battle with Chuck Norris, and more!

Joshua Reviews Andrea Arnold’s Cow [Theatrical Review]

Andrea Arnold's documentary debut is a powerful, empathetic look into the life of one English dairy cow.