The Criterion Completion Hour 4


Hour 4 is on the wire and ready for your consumption!

About the hour:

As this hour starts we check in a with a collector who seems to have priorities different than most of us. I discuss more of my personal history with collecting Criterion including an embarrassing (for me) email conversation with Mr. Jon Mulvaney. Plus a bit more on my current obsession with Criterion laser titles and where this all ends (if it ever does).

Our conversation this hour is with two lifelong chums with a history of collaboration that has taken on a life of its own as they’ve become Lost in Criterion. Adam Glass and Pat Dorgan help me understand what it is like for two people to dive headfirst into the collection with few preconceived notions on where it would take them and what sort of visionquest it has been so far.

All of that, plus the usual assortment of noise, a gag-inducing trek back to Suncoast, a very few words from Karl Childers, and an awkward attempt to slap a relevant theme song on the interview (albeit one of the most insanely-catchy ones of all time).

Bonus Revelation: We ain’t all OCD-afflicted!
Bonus Laugh: Listen as Yours Truly goes on and on about a certain title and spine number and gets it wrong!

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