The Criterion Completion Hour 9

About the hour:

I really enjoy doing this podcast. Not so much that I need to work on it every day, but it is a personal joy to come back to this every few weeks and put down some more thoughts on our modern wax cylinders about why the Criterion Collection means so much to me and to others. Every episode has been a joy, but I have to say that this ninth hour seems particularly special to me due to the topics and wonderful conversation.

This hour allows me to share some general details about my recent trip to The Criterion Collection offices in Manhattan. Don’t get excited, there are no spoilers or scoops here, just a few minutes of me going on and on about how it was such a pleasure to visit the place and to spend a short amount of time letting Jonathan Turell know how much their output means to me (and to so many of you and others).

I hate to sound like a party pooper or a broken record, but I must mention here what I mention in the piece:

The Criterion Collection offices are not open to the public and it must be stressed that you shouldn’t just show up expecting to be given the red carpet treatment or to be able to really speak with anyone other than the receptionist. These are busy people with jobs to do and they don’t want you to be disappointed. My visit was a long time coming and was developed through a classic “friend of a friend” situation. Even with that, I was in and out pretty quickly so that I wouldn’t waste too much of anyone’s busy day at work.

From there please listen along and enjoy a super conversation with filmmaker Michael Worth. Michael is an accomplished actor who has taken his love of film in general and the CC in particular and carved out a nice niche in the indie market as not only an actor, but also as a director/writer/producer of features. Michael graciously reached out to me to offer his thoughts on being in the business and how a love of Criterion and collecting informs his work. It was a true pleasure to speak with Michael recently, and a lot of the conversation didn’t even make it to this hour. You can look for much more of our conversation in an upcoming “Deleted Scenes” episode of this program.

Michael Worth

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m very pleased to offer this hour to you! Come along as we get uncomfortable listening to another creepy song about collectors, take a creepy boat ride as we enter the hallowed halls of Criterion, segue through another creepy song about being complete and then a full hour of decidedly non-creepy conversation with our considered guest.

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