The Criterion Completion Hour 8

About the hour:

For those of you that follow this podcast regularly, you will notice that this episode has been a long time coming. If you’re finding this right after listening to Hour 7, then you haven’t noticed a thing! Either way, I’m hopeful that you will find this hour quite interesting whether you waited 8 months or 8 hours to hear it.

Hour 8 of The Podcast takes us down way below Rio to find out what people in Buenos Aires know of the Criterion Collection. Delfina Krusemann is a features reporter for La Nacion in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was lucky enough to be a part of an article she wrote in February of 2017 on the history of Criterion and it’s then new foray with TCM and FilmStruck into their streaming partnership. Ms. Krusemann and I exchanged a few emails, but unfortunately not much of my info made it into the article. Nonetheless, I was a pleasure to partake of this opportunity along with Aaron West and his great story as well.

After our South American foray, we’ll head to the Boston area to speak with Matthew Gasteier. Matthew is a strong presence in the Criterion social media world, and I find him to be one of the most fascinating people to speak with on this and many other topics. Matt is the author of two pop culture books on Nas and penguins (every time I type those words together, I laugh). He is a Criterion fan going back many years, and while not a physical media completionist, he has probably seen more Criterion titles than any of us here reading this and hovers around viewing completion constantly. I trimmed our conversation to less than an hour, but I’d be happy to spend a weekend talking shop, music, and movies with this man.

Overall, some great information and conversation this time around. Plus another song about collecting that doesn’t make us out to be too weird, Dick Van Dyke making a better dancing penguin than a Cockney sweep, and a rousing finale of running bombs for Mr. J.D. Ripper.

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Keith Enright