Criterion Channel Surfing, Episode 14: Japanese Cinema on Other Streaming Services

Josh is once again joined by Matt Gasteier of The Complete Podcast to discuss Japanese cinema, this time focusing on films that are available on other streaming services.

Note: This was recorded in early March, when we were just beginning to get an idea of just how serious the outbreak of COVID-19 really was going to be for our country. Things have changed all across the country since this was recorded, and Matt shared a few organizations that he’d like listeners to consider supporting if you have the resources. Due to a hectic work schedule during this crisis that leaves little time or bandwidth for editing, the follow episode is lightly edited and contains many of the stammers and pauses that are usually trimmed. And due to the delays in editing, some of the titles are on different streaming platforms than the ones mentioned in the episode. We’ve posted links to the most current platforms available, as well as a link to their Just Watch listing.

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