Criterion Channel Surfing – Episode 3: The Masters (November 2019)

For our November 2019 episode of Criterion Channel Surfing, Josh is joined by Aaron West of The 25th Frame, Criterion Now, and Criterion Close-Up to discuss the Criterion Channel’s expiring and new releases for the month of November, as well as a few recommendations for films by “The Masters” in the Criterion Collection’s permanent digital library. He also talks with friend of the show Michael Hutchins about the history of Criterion’s online presence, and Matt Gasteier of The Complete podcast stops by for some advice on using the channel across different devices.

Correction: It looks as though Meet Me in St. Louis has been removed from the Leaving November 30 page, and we were informed that Klute did not, in fact, appear on the channel prior to this month’s limited engagement.

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