Criterion Now – Episode 117 – COVID-19, Movie Theaters

Gary West joins the podcast to talk in-depth about COVID-19 and what to expect going forward. This is an unusual episode for this podcast, and as it happens, Gary is Aaron’s father and is an expert in the field of public health. He’s teaching a class on COVID-19 currently at UNC Chapel Hill. We spend a lot of time talking about the current state of the vaccine and what to expect with vaccines and variants. We also talk about how we expect the movie theater industry to look in the near future. Finally, Gary talks about some of his roots as an audiophile, which led to him exploring home media and influencing his son to become a cinephile. 

Aaron West

I am a somewhat educated Criterion dork, with a History and Film Studies bachelor's degree and plenty of self-education over the years. My tastes are all over the map. Probably my favorite is 1930s French Poetic Realism, but I like everything from noir, to animation, to horror, westerns, and modern film. Usually I prefer film that challenges and requires something of the viewer.