Criterion Now – Episode 123 – August 2021 Announcements, Melvin Van Peebles, Isobel Sandoval

Andrew and Steven of the Chasing Labels podcast join to talk Criterions. Some might remember Steven for composing the Barnes & Noble Criterion song a few years ago. They have a new podcast where they talk about boutique labels and that makes them a great fit for this show. We discuss the August 2021 announcements, Isobel Sandoval and her Criterion picks, the upcoming Melvin Van Peebles boxset, Distant Journey and plenty more. 

Episode Links

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Melvin Van Peebles Boxset Coming
Janus Films – Distant Journey Trailer

Aaron West

I am a somewhat educated Criterion dork, with a History and Film Studies bachelor's degree and plenty of self-education over the years. My tastes are all over the map. Probably my favorite is 1930s French Poetic Realism, but I like everything from noir, to animation, to horror, westerns, and modern film. Usually I prefer film that challenges and requires something of the viewer.