Criterion Now – Episode 127 – October 2021 Announcements, Citizen Kane, UHD and 4K

Jill Blakes joins to talk about the October announcements, the likelihood of Citizen Kane, and addresses the UHD and 4K rumors. We also discuss recent and upcoming releases, talking a bit about Working Girls and how that can change perceptions of sex workers. We also discuss the Joanna Hogg Criterion closet video, appreciating her fondness for booklets and also her comments about her practice of not watching films while in production because that might alter her vision. We also identify Criterion having a sense of humor and have a little fun with that.

Episode Links

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Wellesnet – Citizen Kane 80th anniversary Blu-ray in the works
Joanna Hogg’s Closet Picks

Aaron West

I am a somewhat educated Criterion dork, with a History and Film Studies bachelor's degree and plenty of self-education over the years. My tastes are all over the map. Probably my favorite is 1930s French Poetic Realism, but I like everything from noir, to animation, to horror, westerns, and modern film. Usually I prefer film that challenges and requires something of the viewer.