Criterion Now – Episode 129 – 4K Announcement, Miramax, Double Indemnity

This is Jill Blake’s first official episode as co-host and we drifted into a lot of new territory. First we reacted to the 4K announcement from Criterion this week, expecting that one of the titles will be announced for November. We’ll know soon whether we were wrong with that prediction. We also spend some time talking about Miramax titles and what could potentially work within the collection, with some surprising answers. We always come back to noir, whether talking about the class that I’m taking or Eddie Muller’s new book. We also talk about Hitchcock, Barry Jenkins, Joseph Losey, Leave Her to Heaven, Double Indemnity, and plenty more.

Episode Links

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Larry Edmunds Bookshop – Eddie Muller’s Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir
Cinema Ritrovato – DVD Awards
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Aaron West

I am a somewhat educated Criterion dork, with a History and Film Studies bachelor's degree and plenty of self-education over the years. My tastes are all over the map. Probably my favorite is 1930s French Poetic Realism, but I like everything from noir, to animation, to horror, westerns, and modern film. Usually I prefer film that challenges and requires something of the viewer.