Criterion Now – Episode 130 – November Announcements, 4K, Impact to DVD

This was a first. Both of Aaron’s co-hosts ever, together on a podcast. And wow, so much to talk about! Thrilled to have Jill and Mark as we navigated a messy but exciting week. We focused mostly on the November releases including the unexpected multiple 4K releases, and what this means for libraries or academic institutions. We also get into the Citizen Kane cover art and the uproar that ensued. We also talk about NYFF entries and so much more!

Episode Links

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Citizen Kane Cover Mocked
Cover Artists Explains Citizen Kane Cover Art
Mike McQuaid – Artist
Sondheim Guide – Company
Chess of the Wind Restoration
NYFF Revivals

Aaron West

I am a somewhat educated Criterion dork, with a History and Film Studies bachelor's degree and plenty of self-education over the years. My tastes are all over the map. Probably my favorite is 1930s French Poetic Realism, but I like everything from noir, to animation, to horror, westerns, and modern film. Usually I prefer film that challenges and requires something of the viewer.