Criterion Reflections – Episode 6 – Summer 1969 Part 3

Criterion Reflections is David Blakeslee’s ongoing project to watch all of the films included in the Criterion Collection in chronological order of their original release. Each episode features panel conversations and 1:1 interviews offering insights on movies that premiered in a particular season of a year in the past, which were destined to eventually bear the Criterion imprint. In this episode, David is joined by Jordan Essoe, William Remmers and Cole Roulain to discuss two titles from the Summer of 1969: Jean-Pierre Melville’s Army of Shadows and Marcel Ophuls’s The Sorrow and the Pity.

Episode Time Markers

  • Introduction: 0:00:00 – 0:04:39
  • Army of Shadows: 0:04:40 – 1:34:29
  • The Sorrow and the Pity: 1:34:30 – 2:49:34

 Army of Shadows (9/12/69)
Guests: Jordan Essoe and William Remmers

The Sorrow and the Pity (9/18/69)
Guest: Cole Roulain



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