Episode 110 – Criterion Blu-ray Upgrade Wish List For 2012

In this weeks episode, Ryan is joined by Travis, James, David Blakeslee, Moises Chiullan, and West Anthony to discuss their top 5 Criterion Collection titles that they want to see upgraded to Blu-ray in 2011.

They also discuss the passing of Bert Schneider, the introduction of “My Criterion” and the March 2012 Criterion titles.

Here are their Blu-ray wish lists for 2012:


5. Carnival Of Souls
4. Brand Upon The Brain
3. Slacker
2. Boudu Saved From Drowning
1. The Ice Storm


5. Brazil
4. 39 Steps
3. And God Created Woman
2. M. Hulot’s Holiday / Mon Oncle
1. Le Samourai


5. All That Heaven Allows / Written On The Wind / Magnificent Obsession
4.The Element of Crime / Europa
3. Picnic At Hanging Rock / Last Wave
2. Rashomon
1. The Passion of Joan of Arc


5. Spartacus
4. In the Mood for Love
3. The Lady Eve + Sullivan’s Travels
2. L’avventura + L’eclisse
1. Good Morning

West Anthony

5. Elevator To The Gallows
4. All That Heaven Allows
3. I Know Where I’m Going!
2. M. Hulot’s Holiday
1. The Hidden Fortress

David Blakeslee

5. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
4. Trouble in Paradise
3. Rififi
2. The Ruling Class
1. Pandora’s Box

Ryan Gallagher

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  • I’m surprised nobody mentioned ‘The Sword of Doom’.  I do not own an HD TV or a Blu-Ray player.  But if I ever acquire that kind of home setup I would the first Blu-Ray I would want to own is ‘The Sword of Doom’.  Every time I get a new screen, my first instinct is to put on ‘The Sword of Doom’.  The film’s cinematography had got to be the most beautiful black and white cinematography for a movie not set in Manhattan.  The still compositions, with the contrasts between the blacks and the whites (I am resisting the temptation to say “blacks blacker then the blackest black times infinity”), and the action set pieces that are meticulously choreographed and photographed.  I would go as far as to say that it is the most beautiful film in the collection.

  • My 5 Criterion blu-ray upgrades wish list:

    5. Kwaidan
    4. Mon Oncle
    3. Le Samourai
    2. Oliver Twist / Great Expectations
    1. The Hidden Fortress

    Also The Samurai Trilogy. Apart from 5 & 1, I’ve been holiding off on the others in anticipation of blu upgrades. Any of these will go to the top of my purchase list (with a bullet!) if/when they’re announced for a blu release.

  • Hi, episode doesn’t seem to be working (same thing with 111,109,112) . 0 bytes through rss and not playing on the web page

  •  Thanks for the heads up. I went in and fixed it. I think it stopped working because it was linked to our old host, like the other episodes that you mentioned. It’ll take some time, but I should have them fixed soon.