Episode 37.5 – Disc 2 – On The Screen And Get Him To The Greek Review

Disc 2 episodes are bonus/supplement episodes of The CriterionCast. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher & James McCormick ramble on and on about movies and movie experiences. ‘On The Screen’ is where they discuss anything and everything that has been on their screens in the week. So anything from TV & movies to music & web junk, everything ‘On The Screen’ is up for grabs. This is what they recommend to you, their listeners.

This week’s “Summer Movie Review” is Get Him To The Greek:

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Our next episode they will highlight and discuss Criterion #504 Steve McQueen’s 2008 film, Hunger.

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Show Notes:

(00:00 – 00:10; “Rush Apart” by The Rural Alberta Advantage)

(00:11 – 01:10; The CriterionCast – Episode 037.5 – Disc 2)


(01:11 – 04:21; Treme – Ryan Gallagher)

(04:22 – 07:12; Breaking Bad – Ryan Gallagher)

(07:13 – 10:38; Firefly – Ryan Gallagher)

(10:39 – 13:09; The Last Days of The Incas – Ryan Gallagher)

(13:10 – 21:55; For The Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism – Rudie Obias)

(21:56 – 35:24; Crisipin Glover at The IFC Center – James McCormick)


(35:25 – 1:02:41; Nicolas Stoller’s Get Him To The Greek)


(1:02:42 – 1:04:09; Wrap Up, Contact Info & Credits)

(1:04:10 – 1:04:09; Next – Steve McQueen’s 2008 film, Hunger)

(1:04:10 – 1:04:21; Follow Along With Us @ CriterionCast.com/Schedule)

(1:04:22 – 1:04:36; Goodbyes)

(1:04:37 – 1:04:47; “Tidal Wave” by Apples In Stereo)

(1:04:48 – 1:06:25; Outtakes)

Music Credits:

Opening Music:

“Rush Apart” by The Rural Alberta Advantage. Learn more @ TheRAA.com

Closing Music:

“Tidal Wave” by Apples In Stereo. Learn more @ ApplesInStereo.com

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