Episode 91.5 – Disc 2 – Off The Shelf And On The Screen

Disc 2 episodes are bonus / supplement episodes of The Criterion Cast. Ryan Gallagher, James McCormick & Travis George chat about the weeks new releases on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as what they’ve been watching. ‘Off the Shelf’ runs through the week’s new releases on DVD and Blu-ray, while ‘On The Screen’ is where they discuss what they’ve been watching over the past week. This is what they recommend to you, the listeners.

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Show Notes:

Off The Shelf Films Discussed:

August 2nd New Releases:

Gamera vs MST3K


On The Screen Films Discussed:

Ryan Gallagher:

Comic Con 2011 Wrap-Up

Hanna Barbera Blu-ray

Blu-ray Panel



Adventure Time

Breaking Bad

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Cowboys And Aliens

Travis George:


X-men The Animated Series

James McCormick:

Battleship Trailer

Attack The Block

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Doctor Who


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