The Eclipse Viewer – Episode 24 – Kinoshita and World War II

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This podcast focuses on Criterion’s Eclipse Series of DVDs. Hosts David Blakeslee and Trevor Berrett give an overview of each box and offer their perspectives on the unique treasures they find inside. In this episode, David and Trevor discuss Eclipse Series 41: Kinoshita and World War II.

About the films:

Hugely popular in his home country of Japan, Keisuke Kinoshita worked tirelessly as a director for nearly half a century, making lyrical, sentimental films that often center on the inherent goodness of people, especially in times of distress. He began his directing career during a most challenging time for Japanese cinema: World War II, when the industry’s output was closely monitored by the state and often had to be purely propagandistic. This collection of Kinoshita’s first films—four made while the war was going on and one shortly after Japan’s surrender—demonstrates the way the filmmaker’s humanity and exquisite cinematic technique shone through even in the darkest of times.

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Timeline for the podcast:

Introduction/News/Background (00:00:01 – 00:20:19)

Port of Flowers (00:20:20 – 00:34:01)

The Living Magoroku (00:34:02 – 00:44:29)

Jubilation Street (00:44:30 – 00:56:03)

Army (00:56:04 – 01:19:07)

Morning for the Osone Family (01:19:08 – 01:31:19)

Conclusion (01:31:20 – 01:47:57)

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David Blakeslee

David hosts the Criterion Reflections podcast, a series that reviews the films of the Criterion Collection in their chronological order of release. The series began in 2009 and those essays (covering the years 1921-1967) can be found via the website link provided below. In March 2016, the blog transferred to this site, and in August 2017, the blog changed over to a podcast format. David also contributes to other reviews and podcasts on this site. He lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan and works in social services. Twitter / Criterion Reflections


  • David and Trevor,

    I wanted to let you know that The Eclipse Viewer, to me, is the best cinema podcast around. I love the casual elegance and engaging expertise with which you speak on the films of the Eclipse series. Please, keep up the good work! Best wishes, and so long!

  • Andrew, I am deeply honored by such kind thoughts! I definitely enjoy the process that goes into recording each episode, and I think I can speak for Trevor in saying that a response like yours is incredibly gratifying! I know our audience will never be huge since we’re positioned in a distinct niche, but the opportunity to connect with even just a few folks who see the same value and reward in these relatively obscure films is exactly the kind of feedback that will spur us on to cover every last box in the Eclipse Series… and then after that…? We’ll see! :) Thanks so much, and sorry it took me two weeks to discover your comment! lol