The Eclipse Viewer – Episode 14 – Early Bergman [Part 2]

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This podcast focuses on Criterion’s Eclipse Series of DVDs. Hosts David Blakeslee and Trevor Berrett give an overview of each box and offer their perspectives on the unique treasures they find inside. In this episode, David and Trevor conclude their conversation about Eclipse Series 1: Early Bergman, a collection of five films that helped Ingmar Bergman establish one of the richest bodies of work in 20th century cinema.

About the films:

Before The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries established him as one of the great masters of cinema, Ingmar Bergman created a series of devastating but less well-known psychological character studies, marked by intricate, layered narratives, gritty environments, and haunting visuals. These early films, which show the stirrings of the genius to come, remain the hidden treasures of a European cinema on the cusp of a golden age.

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Timeline for the podcast:

Introduction/Background (00:00:01 – 00:09:14)

Thirst (00:09:15 – 00:39:00)

To Joy (00:39:01 – 01:18:45)

Conclusion (01:18:46 – 01:46:22)

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Director Overview:

Ingmar Bergman in The Criterion Collection
Career overview in The Guardian by Joe Queenan
The Private World of Ingmar Bergman in W Magazine by Diane Solway
Breaking Down Bergman, an ongoing, comprehensive series of video reviews on YouTube


To Joy:

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David Blakeslee

David hosts the Criterion Reflections podcast, a series that reviews the films of the Criterion Collection in their chronological order of release. The series began in 2009 and those essays (covering the years 1921-1967) can be found via the website link provided below. In March 2016, the blog transferred to this site, and in August 2017, the blog changed over to a podcast format. David also contributes to other reviews and podcasts on this site. He lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan and works in social services. Twitter / Criterion Reflections


  • Really enjoyed these two episodes! Interesting to hear your views on Hets (Torment). In Sweden it`s considered still as a classic, especially Stig Järrels performance as Caligula.

    Note also that Stig Olin (in “To Joy”) is the father of actress Lena Olin, who acted with Erland Josephson in Bergman’s “After the Rehearsal” (1984).

    Keep up the good work!

    Lars, Sweden

  • Thank you Lars for that perspective! I enjoy learning a bit more about how these old films are regarded in their country of origin – and I agree, the Caligula character is very memorable, Järrels’ portrayal was quite effective! I should have mentioned the connection to Lena Olin, who may be most familiar to Criterion fans for her role as Sabina in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. She’s also married to Lasse Hallstrom, who directed My Life as a Dog, among many other (non-Criterion) films, and most of ABBA’s promo videos! :)