Episode 27 – Jean Renoir’s Boudu Saved From Drowning

[Note from the editor: We apologize for the sound quality of the episode, it was beyond our control at the time of recording.]

This is the podcast dedicated to The Criterion Collection. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher & Travis George discuss Criterion News & Rumors and Criterion New Releases, they also analyze, discuss & highlight Criterion #305, Jean Renoir’s Boudu Saved From Drowning, along with ‘Variations On a Theme’.

This week’s theme:

Unwanted Guest in Movies

This week’s guest: David Blakeslee – Blogger for The Criterion Reflections Blog.

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Our next episode they will highlight and discuss Criterion #286 Steve James’ Hoop Dreams.

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Show Notes:

(00:00 – 00:16; “A United Theory” by God Help The Girl)

(00:17 – 10:29; The CriterionCast – Episode 027 – Boudu Saved From Drowning – CC #305)

(10:30 – 10:35; News & Rumors)

(10:36 – 15:19; Roger Ebert Gets His Voice Back)

(15:20 – 21:06; The Hurt Locker E-Mail Controversy)

(21:07 – 27:09; Members of Portishead & Goldfrapp Live Score The Passion of Joan of Arc)

(27:10 – 34:52; New Releases)

(34:53 – 35:18; Break – DVD Geeks Promo)

(35:19 – 1:06:03; Jean Renoir’s Boudu Saved From Drowning – Criterion #305)

(1:06:04 – 1:06:53; Break Music by Carlos Segovia)

(1:06:54 – 1:07:44; Variations On A Theme – Unwanted Guests in Movies)

(1:07:45 – 1:12:39; Dark Star – David Blakeslee)

(1:12:40 – 1:19:24; Suburban Commando – Travis George)

(1:19:25 – 1:24:51; Hesher – Rudie Obias)

(1:24:52 – 1:31:00; Alien – Ryan Gallagher)

(1:31:01 – 1:33:10; Wrap Up & Contact Info)

(1:33:11 – 1:33:29; Music Credits)

(1:33:30 – 1:33:38; Broadcasting Live Every Friday On UStream)

(1:33:39 – 1:34:43; Next – Steve James’ Hoop Dreams – CC #286)

(1:34:44 – 1:35:00; Follow Along With Us @

(1:35:01 – 1:35:33; Goodbyes)

(1:35:34 – 1:36:19; “Working Poor” by Horse Feathers)

(1:36:20 – 1:41:53; Outtakes!!)

Music Credits:

Intro Music by God Help The Girl. Learn more on iTunes and their website,

Break Music by Carlos Segovia. Learn more @

Outro Music by Horse Feathers. Learn more on iTunes and their MySpace Page,

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  • I'll specifically apologize for the muddy sound mix that came through my generic $10 PC microphone. Since I'm a novice at podcasting or even talking much over the internet, I had no idea it would do such a poor job transmitting my voice. I hope my comments add enough to make it worth straining to hear them. I'll do better next time! :o) Thanks again for having me on the show.

  • It's completely understandable. We have all had bad experiences with our technical set-up on the podcast in the past, that went beyond our control, no matter how we fiddled with settings, or wires, or connections. Your comments were clear to us, and hopefully the listeners can look past the the sound quality and focus on the content.