Episode 60.3 – America Lost And Found: The BBS Story Bonus

A couple weeks back, the Criterion Collection released their largest, and arguably most important release of 2010. The “America Lost and Found: The BBS Story” Blu-ray set hit stores on November 23rd, and the 9 disc DVD set will be available this Tuesday, December 14th.

After the Blu-ray set was released, I invited a couple of friends to join me in a brief discussion of the set, to get their impressions.

Moisés Chiullan from Badass Digest, a somewhat regular guest on our show, and constant proponent of the Criterion Collection, joined us by phone. I also asked a fellow podcaster, West Anthony (of the Radio Conelrad podcast), and longtime friend of the show, to join us, as he had been tweeting up a storm in the weeks leading up to the box set.

We go around, discussing the history of the box set and why it’s so important as a part of the Criterion Collection. We briefly run through the films, and highlight some of the more surprising aspects of the Blu-rays.

2010 has been an incredible year for Criterion Collection releases, and it is appropriate that we close out the year with a 9 disc DVD bang, in the form of the BBS set this Tuesday.

Are you planning on picking up the DVD box set? Did you already jump into the Blu-ray collection? Leave your thoughts on the America Lost and Found: The BBS Story box set in the comments below.

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