Episode 60 – Guy Maddin’s Brand Upon The Brain!

This is the podcast dedicated to The Criterion Collection. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher, & James McCormick discuss Criterion News & Rumors and Criterion New Releases, they also analyze, discuss & highlight CC #440 Guy Maddin’s 2006 film, Brand Upon The Brain!.

Brand Upon The Brain!

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Our next episode they will highlight and discuss film CC #409 Terrence Malick’s 1978 film, Days of Heaven.

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Days of Heaven

Show Notes:

(00:00 – 00:15; “A United Theory” by God Help The Girl)

(00:16 – 00:58; The CriterionCast – Episode 060 – Brand Upon The Brain! – CC #440)


(00:59 – 07:55; Netflix Offers Streaming Only)

(07:56 – 12:41; Oscar Consideration Documentary Shortlist)

(12:42 – 19:37; Oscar Consideration Animation Shortlist)


(19:38 – 25:24; Criterion New Releases)


(25:25 – 1:11:48; Brand Upon The Brain! – CC #440)

(1:11:49 – 1:12:39; Break Music by Carlos Segovia)

[Variations On a Theme]

(1:12:40 – 1:14:12; Variations On a Theme – Exile in Movies)

(1:14:13 – 1:17:27; Lone Wolf and Cub – Ryan Gallagher)

(1:17:28 – 1:20:25; Doctor Who – James McCormick)

(1:20:25 – 1:23:59; Avatar: The Last Airbender – Rudie Obias)


(1:24:00 – 1:24:43; Wrap Up, Contact Info & Credits)

(1:24:44 – 1:24:55; Next – Terrence Malick’s 1978 film Days of Heaven – CC #409 – Variations On a Theme – Love Triangles in Movies)

(1:24:56 – 1:25:04; Goodbyes)

(1:25:05 – 1:25:47; “Working Poor” by Horse Feathers)

(1:25:48 – 1:26:12; Outtakes!!)

Music Credits:

Intro Music by God Help The Girl. Learn more on iTunes and their website, GodHelpTheGirl.com.

Break Music by Carlos Segovia. Learn more @ GhostRamps.com.

Outro Music by Horse Feathers. Learn more on iTunes and learn more @, HorseFeathersTheBand.com.

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  • I just wanted to elaborate a little on the animated film discussion. To be considered as a nominee, the film must be at least 45% animated. That’s why these live action movies get considered. As far as Avatar, I believe it got passed “animated film” since it was done with performance-cap. And it’s fucking James Cameron.

    Also from what I know, as academy voter for the animated feature, you MUST watch all of the qualifying movies in order to vote. I believe this is how Secret of Kells snuck in last year.

    As far as my wishlist for the nominees would be The Illusionist, Summer Wars, and Toy Story 3. Sadly, this won’t happen for Summer Wars which is awesome.

    As always, great show guys!

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