Episode 62 – Brian De Palma’s Sisters

This is the podcast dedicated to The Criterion Collection. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher, & James McCormick discuss Criterion News & Rumors and Criterion New Releases, they also analyze, discuss & highlight CC #089 Brian DePalma’s 1973 film, Sisters.

SPECIAL GUEST: Melissa Molina – A writer for LatinoReview.com and AMC Theaters


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Our next episode they will highlight and discuss film CC #492 Arnaud Desplechin’s 2008 film, A Christmas Tale.

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A Christmas Tale

Show Notes:

(00:00 – 00:15; “A United Theory” by God Help The Girl)

(00:16 – 01:07; The CriterionCast – Episode 062 – Sisters – CC #089)


(01:08 – 07:38; Lee Daniels to Remake Federico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria)

(07:39 – 14:04; The Trailer for Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of The Moon)

(14:05 – 21:01; Miramax New CEO Wants to Boost Sales with Their 700+ Library)


(21:02 – 26:32; For Criterion Consideration: Darren Aronfosky’s Pi)


(26:33 – 1:09:24; Brian DePalma’s Sisters – CC #089)

(1:09:25 – 1:10:12; Break Music by Carlos Segovia)

[Variations On a Theme]

(1:10:13 – 1:11:23; Variations On a Theme – Sisters in Movies)

(1:11:24 – 1:16:03; Arsenic and Old Lace – James McCormick)

(1:16:04 – 1:20:01; Hannah and Her Sisters – Rudie Obias)

(1:20:02 – 1:22:29; My Neighbor Totoro – Ryan Gallagher)


(1:22:30 – 1:23:47; Wrap Up, Contact Info & Credits)

(1:23:48 – 1:23:59; Next – Arnaud Desplechin’s 2008 film A Christmas Tale – CC #492 – Variations On a Theme – Christmas in Movies)

(1:24:00 – 1:24:15; Goodbyes)

(1:24:16 – 1:24:58; “Working Poor” by Horse Feathers)

(1:24:59 – 1:25:57; Outtakes!!)

Music Credits:

Intro Music by God Help The Girl. Learn more on iTunes and their website, GodHelpTheGirl.com.

Break Music by Carlos Segovia. Learn more @ GhostRamps.com.

Outro Music by Horse Feathers. Learn more on iTunes and learn more @, HorseFeathersTheBand.com.

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  • While I must disagree with James and say that De Palma’s best work was outside of the time-frame he mentioned (I’m the world’s only Bonfire of the Vanities fan…psych, I’m talking about Carlito’s Way), this did make me realize that I’m less familiar with the man’s stuff before Blow Out than I am after. I tried watching Sisters via the instant. Couldn’t do it. But after this podcast, it’s a must-see.

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