On The Screen – Episode 13 – The Best Films Of 2012

On this week’s On The Screen, Ryan is joined by James McCormick, Josh Brunsting, and Scott Nye discuss their top 10 lists for 2012 (theatrical releases).

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Top Ten Films Of 2012

Joshua Brunsting

10. Cloud Atlas (Official Site)

9. Cosmopolis (Amazon)

8. How To Survive A Plague (Netflix)

7. Killing Them Softly (Official Site)

6. Lincoln (Official Site)

5. The Turin Horse (Amazon)

4. The Loneliest Planet (Official Site)

3. Tabu (Official Site)

2. The Master (Official Site)

1. This Is Not A Film (Official Site)

James McCormick

10. After Porn Ends (Netflix)

9. Skyfall (Amazon)

8. The Grey (Netflix)

7. Cosmopolis (Amazon)

6. Argo (Amazon)

5. Klown (Official Site)

4. The Raid (Official Site) / Dredd (Amazon)

3. The Avengers (Amazon)

2. Killer Joe (Official Site)

1. Cabin in the Woods (Amazon)

Scott Nye

10. Post Tenebras Lux (Official Site)

9. Girl Walk // All Day (Official Site)

8. Anna Karenina (Official Site)

7. Somebody Up There Likes Me (Official Site)

6. Lincoln (Official Site)

5. Killing Them Softly (Official Site)

4. In Another Country (Official Site)

3. Moonrise Kingdom (Official Site)

2. It’s Such a Beautiful Day (Official Site)

1. The Master (Official Site)

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