Podcast Recording Schedule

(Schedule last updated on February 27th, 2012)

I’m going ahead and posting our tentative schedule for the next year (2012). I’m a big fan of the arcs that we’ve gone on recently, and I think the next year will be even better. Since we’re planning so far in advance here, it is very likely that films might get shuffled around, or dropped in favor of a new release.

Use this list if you’d like to follow along, or plan your Netflix queue accordingly.

Below, you’ll find the tentative recording dates for each episode. We reserve the right to change the dates as events arise. We also may change the films, but we’ll be sure to make note of it on Twitter/Facebook. The final, edited versions of the episodes should theoretically be up in the iTunes feed the week following the recording date. If you’d like to listen live, we usually broadcast on Ustream, and you can listen here.

If you have any thoughts / suggestions, feel free to email us, or leave comments below.

January 2012

“Technicolor” Arc

6 – The Four Feathers (episode link)
13 – The River (episode link)
20 – The Leopard (episode link)
27 – Tales Of Hoffman (episode link)

February 2012

“Romance” Arc

3 – Pale Flower (episode link)
10 – Lola Montes (episode link)
17 – Night Porter
24 – Mala Noche


  • You guys deffinitely need to schedule in some Bunuel. He’s a big name in the collection, even though most of his films are now out of print. I suggest Exterminating Angel. Also a Jean-Pierre Melville film would be nice. Over all good line up this year, I’m looking forward to your discussion on Solo Con Tu Pareja and The Life Aquatic. By the way, what happened to you guys playing the trailers at the break, I also miss when you’d put a little sequence from the film at the beginning. Those were some things I really loved about the show. Best of luck for the rest of 2011.

  • thanks for the le samourai episode. Probably one of the best episodes ever! Love the direction that the podcast is going!

  • As I said on twitter, April, June, and October should be excellent. I can’t wait to hear opinions on some of the bigger, commercially-acclaimed films like ROBOCOP and ARMAGEDDON.

  • Nice lineups for 2012. I especially like the Technicolor, Heists, Faith, and Documentary arcs. The War arc is cool too. A nice alternative selection, though, would be to replace Nevsky and Overlord with Kanal (from the Wadzja Three War Films set) and Rome, Open City (from the Rosselini War Trilogy set) and recast August as the “Resistance to Nazis” arc. These, with the two remaining titles, provide a nice collection of movies showcasing how people in three European countries (Poland, Italy, and France) resisted Nazi occupation at points toward the end of WWII, while 49th Parallel looks to a point earlier in the war as different communities and individuals resist (physically and intellectually) a U-boat’s surviving crewmembers attempting to escape across Canada, either to the coastline or to the (then) neutral United States–it’s essentially a propaganda picture, an intellectual/political form of resistance rather than the physical confrontation of combat. It’s an interesting theme that occurred to me after watching Kanal and Rome, Open City on consecutive days; just wanted to share it with you guys. I enjoy the podcast and look forward to your discussions in 2012–thanks, y’all!