Amazon’s Gold Box Deal Of The Day Is Offering The Roku Box HD For $99

Good news everyone! If you’ve listened to us drone on and on about the future of streaming media, and the inevitable death of physical discs, you can now score a Roku HD-XR from Amazon for $99.

The standard definition Roku box usually runs $99, but for today only, you can get the high definition version for under $100 (is usually costs $119).

With this box, you can stream movies from your Netflix Watch Instantly Queue (you’ll need an account, but you don’t have to pay any additional fees), as well as stream Amazon video on demand titles. To see the full channel listing of the content available to you with this box, check out Roku’s homepage. Don’t forget about all of the Criterion titles that are available to watch via Netflix, the list is pretty incredible these days.

Before investing in my Blu-ray player, which has Netflix streaming capabilities, I was seriously considering investing in a Roku box, simply because I found it to be the easiest to install, as well as the best option for viewing my Netflix queue.

I’m linking the image below to the Amazon page, and if you decide to purchase one, a small portion of the sale will go towards keeping this blog and podcast alive and kicking.


  • Hi you are stupid But I’ll give you a better deal my moronic friend. First the Roku SD is usually $79 but you can get it right now from roku for $69 and it has never been $99 dollars.
    The Roku HD (BTW the original version) has always been $99 and never any higher. Did you catch the HD part. Today From Roku you can get it for $89 dollars. The Roku HD-XR is on Amazon today for $99 today and yes it’s usually $119 but what am I getting for that $99 dollars. You are trying to up sale it because of HD but again like I said you can get The Roku HD for $89. The big question is what are you getting out of it. I’d say the HD-XR is worth it can you get someone that knows about the product to write your article next time?

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