Criterion Announces 50% Off Sale To Honor Facebook Fans

[Up to date as of 3:53pm]

Criterion just announced on Facebook that when they hit 50,000 fans, they’ll have a 50% off sale on for 50,000 seconds (which equals 13 hours, 53 minutes, 20 seconds).

They have now passed 50,000 fans, but haven’t passed along the promo code for the discount. I’ll definitely update this post as soon as they put it up, but for now, I’d recommend filling up your cart with whatever you plan on buying.

[Update 3:55pm]

The site has crashed. I’m sure they’re rebooting the servers as we speak.

From Facebook:

WOW! Huge traffic spike is slamming our site. Patience everybody! Promo code coming soon…

[Update 4:18pm]

The website seems to be going up and down, sometimes I get an error, other times it loads find. As of now, Criterion still hasn’t posted the discount code…

[Update 4:45pm]

Still no code, people are going a little nuts on the Facebook page, but it looks like the website is loading fine.

[Update 5:15pm]

The site is up, the 50% off code is “THANKS”

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  • I can’t wait until they reach 75,000 followers, that will be quite a nice 75% off discount.

  • By the time I got into the sale alot of titles were already out of stock. Kicking myself over the BBS Box Set. I did pick up some Blu Essentials, though: 400 Blows, Army of Shadows, Wages of Fear, The Magician, and Kagemusha.

  • Upgraded my Videodrome and Double Life of Veronique dvds to blurays, and picked up The Red Shoes, Broadcast News, and Sweet Smell of Success on blu.