Black Friday Week Deal Round-Up

I’ve been posting many DVD and Blu-ray deals on our Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, but I thought I’d create a post here on the main site, that could serve as a hub for all of the deals that I’m finding online throughout the week.

Some of these deals might fluctuate throughout the week, so I’ll do my best to keep these numbers accurate. I’ll keep this post stuck to the top for the week, and continue to update it, so check back frequently.

I’ll turn comments on for this post, in case you want to share deals around the web that you find.

In case you’re wondering, these are affiliate links, and we get a small percentage of any sales that we help generate. So even though you’re buying through Amazon and these other online retailers, you’re supporting our site.


Black Friday Week Deal Calendar

All of the DVD and Blu-ray deals

Updated 12:30 am 11/23/2012

Barnes & Noble

Black Friday Deal Page


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