Comic Con 2010 – Masters Of The Web Panel

One of my most anticipated panels over the past couple years at Comic Con, The Masters of the Web, met earlier today, and I thought I’d post an audio recording I captured, to share with you lovely readers and listeners.

I’m sharing this, but not putting it into our podcast feed, as I’d imagine this will only interest a small group of listeners to our podcast. There isn’t anything Criterion related in this talk, but it certainly digs into a lot of the issues that we deal with internally, from how we decide on what to post, and how to link to sources, to how does one make any kind of living, writing online. They also touch on larger topics, like the usage of social media in modern film culture, as well as ethical questions like: what do you do if you’re both a reviewer and a news writer.

I’m constantly trying to learn more about this community that we’ve joined with the Criterion Cast, and attending these panels for the past two years have definitely helped give me a larger picture to think about. There aren’t any easy or clear-cut answers to the questions that they discuss, and so the panel is essentially a long form version of the various debates that happen on their own blogs, podcasts, or on Twitter.

On a personal note, I have to say that this year’s panel was so much better than last year’s as there was not half hour preview of a movie that had little to no relation to the actual topic of the panel. It was also a lot of fun sitting in the front row, watching the various figureheads of a lot of the sites I read daily, interacting with one another in real life.

The audio is not edited, or modified in anyway, so keep that in mind. It’s rough at times, as my audio recorder is not the greatest. The audio also starts in as Edgar Wright discusses a bit of his film history.

Here are the players involved in the panel, you should be following them all on Twitter, and read their sites.

The Hosts / Moderators:

John Campea: Twitter / AMC Theatres Script To Screen.

Edgar Wright: Twitter

Roberto Orci: Twitter

The panel consisted of:

Erik Davis: Cinematical / Twitter

Mike Sampson: / Twitter

Devin Faraci: / Twitter

George Roush: Latino Review / Twitter

Ed Douglas: / Twitter

Jen Yamato:, Cinematical, HitFix, FearNet / Twitter

Vic Holtreman: / Twitter

Paul Ens: Red5 Comics / Twitter

What are your thoughts on the issues brought up in this panel? Discuss in the comments below.