Sundance Film Festival 2010 – Videoblogs

I took a good amount of video in Park City during Sundance. I wish I would’ve taken more, but I was pre-occupied with writing reviews and watching movies. Here is a collection of candid moments and reaction to some of the films we screened during the short amount of time Travis and I were in Park City.

Park City, Utah is a beautiful city, surrounded by gorgeous, majestic mountains. This was the first time in my life that I’ve actually seen mountains and let me tell you, I was truly in awe. The snowy backdrop to a wonderful film festival of eccentric, poignant and touching collection of films was perfect. The people I met and experiences I had were simply unforgettable. The only way to easily describe Sundance is to compare it to a summer camp for film bloggers. Please enjoy the videos and thank you for making this all happen. Without the listeners there would be no CriterionCast.

Travis and I met 20 minutes before this was taken. I was the first to arrive at the bloggers condo which was dubbed “Snow Country For Old Men”. We stayed with people from,, and PASTE Magazine.

This was the first day of Sundance for Travis and I. It is Friday at 7am. Travis recounts his experience at the Sundance Opening Day Party.

Our reaction to a screening Gasper Noé’s ENTER THE VOID. We are joined by Jeremy of

Getting ready to do a video with Travis but he was twitting’¦.

Travis talks about BOY while I try to flirt with local women.

Day 4 of Sundance Film Festival. Early morning blogging before we back into the press theater. Look how much we trashed the condo after only 4 days.

Travis showing off his skillz’¦.

I hope you enjoyed these video. There should be some more to come….

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