Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Film Review: Alexandra Codina’s Monica & David

Monica and David

Finding that special someone can be a life long pursuit for some. For Monica & David, it wasn’t. When they met, it was love at first sight. Well, at least it was for David. It took a little convincing for Monica. But when they did fall in love it was truly something magical. But what would be the next step? For most, getting married, having a wedding would be the next step but for Monica & David it would be conventionally out of the question. Why you may ask? Monica & David both have Down syndrome.

The film Monica & David documents their unique journey through pre-wedding jitters and moving into their dream home to finding jobs. Having Down syndrome is a struggle for a young couple like Monica & David. Both being child-like with adult desires, they are dependent on their parents for accomplishing day to day activities. Most parents with children with Down syndrome are usually protective of their children, somewhat too protective to the point it being harmful to their social well being. Luckily, Monica & David have very progressive and wealthy parents in their lives. They are willing to let them get married, move in together and give them a sense of privacy that every married couple should have.

This documentary, from first time filmmaker and Monica’s cousin, Alexandra Codina, is a wonderful and charming film. The level of innocence and independence both Monica & David display is simply impressive and empowering. During the course of the filmmaking, David developed Diabetes. He has to receive an insulin injection everyday to live. David’s new father-in-law makes it his responsibility to make sure David’s blood sugar is at a maintainable level and makes sure he receives his insulin injection. It was surprising to his new parents and Monica that he was more than capable in doing this daily duty on his own. A collective smile could be felt on the audience during my screening.

The union of Monica & David is blessed. Their touch on their families is paramount and could honestly be felt as that by anyone who sees this charming film. It is worth seeing and worth your attention as a document of the power of love, trust and family. And how having all of those things can overcome any adversity.

[Note from the Editor: You can find our initial preview post for Monica & David here.]


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