Abbas Kiarostami Readying ‘The End’

And now we have the most anticipated film of 2012 set in stone.   At least in the eyes of this writer.

According to ScreenDaily (hat tip to The Film Stage), Abbas Kiarostami has started shooting his next feature, a picture entitled The End.   His follow-up to the masterful Certified Copy, the film will follow the story of ‘the unusual relationship between a student, who works as prostitute on the side to pay for her studies, and a brilliant, elderly academic who is one of her clients.’

The film will star Rin Takanashi and Tadashi Okuno, and be backed the duo of MK2 and Eurospace, a company out of Japan.   Personally, it should go without saying that this is one of, if not the number one film to keep an eye on for 2012.   A Cannes debut has always been discussed for the picture, and with Criterion-friendly MK2 behind the project, here’s to hoping that this sucker will one day end up having the big C attached to its top left corner.

Source  Screen Daily  /  The Film Stage

Joshua Brunsting

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  • Very very exciting news! I think this and Haneke’s “Amour” (the one I’m most looking forward to) are going to be the most talked about among film lovers of next year!

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