All Tomorrow’s Parties Criterion Collection Poster Art Revealed

[Edit 10/1/10: Like a Pokemon grandmaster, I found them all! A big thanks to all of the artists who helped send me their pieces, that weren’t available online. Remember, if you see these online, they found them here!]

This past weekend saw the All Tomorrow’s Parties music and film festival head up to Monticello, New York. Criterion alum, Jim Jarmusch, curated the music for the festival, which saw the likes of Sonic Youth, Iggy and the Stooges, and Explosions In The Sky take the various stages. If you had some down time between bands, you could spend some time watching 22 films that Criterion brought with them for the festival.

As we’ve previously highlighted, Criterion commissioned several independent comic book artists to create movie posters for all of the films. We’ve already shown you the posters for Brute Force, Touchez Pas Au Grisbi, and Night of the Hunter, and have been eagerly awaiting some images of the various other posters.

Today on their Facebook page, Criterion took a snapshot of the entire line-up, which I’m embedding below:

In the comments for the image, Criterion named all of the contributing artists, which I’m listing below, linked to their respective blogs/websites. I’m also going to include some higher resolution art for the individual posters, as I find them.

Designer Credits:

Ne Change Rien: Dan Duncan

Five Easy Pieces: Kate Beaton

Repulsion: Paul Maybury

Bottle Rocket: Jason Polan

The Last Picture Show: Jason Latour

Naked Lunch: Evan Bryce

Head: Wayne Shellabarger

Underworld: Victor Kerlow

The Killing: Connor Willumsen

Le Doulos: Victor Kerlow

Gomorrah: Robert Goodin

Brute Force: Scott Morse

A Colt is My Passport: Francesco Francavilla

Touchez pas au grisbi: Scott Morse

Kiss Me Deadly: Jhomar Soriano

Easy Rider: Scott Campbell

Thin Red Line: Jeremy Jusay

Something Wild: Connor Willumsen

Crumb: Chris Brunner & Rico Renzi

Antichrist: Zachary Baldus

Modern Times: Rachel Freire

The Night of the Hunter: Matt Kindt

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