American Society Of Cinematographers Announce Nominees For Outstanding Achievement Award

In a year where the best picture awards of various different groups or branches seem to be simply a series of boring or consensus picks (if I see another award go to The Artist or The Descendants prior to The Oscars this year, I may freak out), the supplementary awards are really intriguing. Particularly the award for the year’s best work in the realm of cinematography.

The 26th collection of nominees for the American Society Of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement have been released, and it’s one hell of a list.

Yes, The Artist is up here, as Guillaume Schiffman has garnered a nomination, but surrounding him include Robert Richardson (Hugo), Jeff Cronenweth (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Emmanuel Lubezki (Tree Of Life) and Hoyte van Hoytema (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) in what is one of the more interesting lists around.

Personally, I think the strongest work was from Lubezki, as Tree Of Life was a film unlike any 2011 had to offer, and was far and away the year’s most visually arresting piece of work. Hugo and Dragon Tattoo were equally gorgeous, but lack the scope that Tree Of Life had. Hopefully Lubezki will take home the award, which he previously won five years ago for Children Of Men.

Source LA Times

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  • That’s a fine collection of directors and their films. I’m not as critical of The Artist as you are, Josh. For me, it was one of the outstanding achievements of the year. But I also like what I saw in Hugo, Dragon Tattoo, Tinker/Tailor, and Tree of Life. I loved Lubezki’s work in this unusual and challenging film. I loved the movie. Just recalling the 5 nominated directors reminds me just how uniquely talented these people are, and how lucky we are to have their talent in our midst.

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