BAM Retrospective Preview, Post-Punk Auteur: Olivier Assayas’ Carlos

Carlos is the latest film from Olivier Assayas. It opened in New York this past weekend. Originally this film was presented as a mini-series for French TV and was cut together as a film for the Cannes Film Festival. It was present there in a 5 and a half hour cut. It was also featured during the 48th New York Film Festival. The mini-series (330 minute) and theatrical rights (140 minute) were later acquired by IFC Films for distribution in the US.

Our Carlos coverage so far: 

The film is based on Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, aka Carlos the Jackal played by Édgar Ramírez, a convicted Venezuelan terrorist and murderer.

Since IFC Films owns the rights to this film and Olivier Assayas’ work (Summer Hours) is already in the Criterion Collection, could Carlos join the collection in 2011?

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  • Just saw this one on Sundance Channel and let me tell you Rudie it was amazing. If you liked films like the Baader-Mienhof Complex or Che you will love what Assayas brings to the table here. You previously said you liked Summer Hours, I also agree that was one of the top films of that year. I think Carlos is a much different film but is equally enjoyable. Hope you see it soon or have already seen it. Great show on Beauty and the Beast. Please do some Antonioni soon on the show.

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