BAMcinématek to Hold Month-Long Chris Marker Retrospective


From August 15-21 the BAMcinématek will hold a retrospective of the work of late French mind-bending multimedia auteur Chris Marker, anchored by a new DCP restoration and North American theatrical premiere of his 1996 film Level Five (which just happens to feature a nice little cameo by Japanese director Nagisa Oshima).

The retro will include his greatest hits like La Jetée, Sans Soleil, and Le Joli Mai, but will also feature lesser-screened works like his three hour film collage A Grin Without a Cat and his portrait of director Andrei Tarkovsky, One Day in the Life of Andrei Aresenevich.

This will be a much-deserved retrospective of an oftentimes elusive director. As far as I know most of these films are difficult to find or hard to come by on home video, so if you’re in or around Brooklyn it’ll be quite a treat to see some of these on the big screen.

A full lineup is below:

Fri, Aug 15

2, 4:30, 7, 9:30pm: Level Five

Sat, Aug 16

2, 7pm: Far From Vietnam

4:30, 9:30pm: Level Five

Sun, Aug 17

4:30pm: Le Joli Mai 

2, 8pm: Level Five

Mon, Aug 18

4:30, 9pm: Level Five

7pm: A Letter From Siberia, Sunday in Peking

Tue, Aug 19

4:30, 9pm: Level Five

7pm: The Battle of the Ten Million

Wed, Aug 20

4:30, 9pm: Level Five 

7pm: Be Seeing You, Class of Struggle, 2084

Thu, Aug 21

4:30, 7, 9:30pm: Level Five

Fri, Aug 22

5, 6:30, 8, 9:30pm: La Jetée, Statues Also Die

Sat, Aug 23

2, 4:30, 7, 9:30pm: Sans Soleil

Sun, Aug 24

2, 8:30pm: The Last Bolshevik

4:30pm: A Grin Without a Cat

Mon, Aug 25

7:30pm: Description of a Struggle, Valparaíso

9:15pm: One Day in the Life of Andrei Aresenevich, The Train Rolls On

Tue, Aug 26

7:30, 9:15pm: Prime Time in the Camps, The Sixth Side of the Pentagon, The Embassy

Wed, Aug 27

7:30pm: Bestiary, Les homes de la baleen, Three Cheers for the Whale

9pm: The Koumiko Mystery, Matta

Thu, Aug 28

7, 9:15pm: Remembrance of Things to Come, If I Had Four Dromedaries

Check back at the BAMcinématek website here for further information.

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