BFI To Release Dual Format (DVD & Blu-ray) Ozu Titles, First Up: Early Summer, Late Spring, And Tokyo Story

Over the next three years, BFI is set to release one of the most extensive collection of films from one filmmaker this world has known.

According to DVD Outsider, the company will be releasing all 32 films from the legendary Japanese auteur Yasujiro Ozu, with at least seven of them being available on DVD/Blu-ray for the very first time in their history. These will only be available as Region 2 locked discs, so you’ll need a Region-free Blu-ray player to take advantage of these titles.

Many of these films are obviously available through the Criterion Collection and its sister collection, the Eclipse Series, but it looks like after the massively successful retrospective run of Ozu’s films, that BFI has taken the reigns and will be giving any fan of the legendary filmmaker a reason to start saving those pennies, or selling those kidneys.

First up is Tokyo Story, Early Summer and Late Spring (check out our early episode on Late Spring), all of which saw a release on July 19, and while the special features are not nearly as extensive as their Criterion releases, all of them come with a second film on the discs: Tokyo Story has Brothers And Sisters of the Toda Family; Early Summer has What Did The Lady Forget; and Late Spring has The Only Son. This is a massive haul of films that while costing a pretty penny, will be a fantastic collection of brilliant and highly influential films. Pick these up if you can.

Source: DVD Outsider

Be sure to check out David’s review of Yasujiro Ozu’s Early Spring, which just went up today. 

Also, check out friend of the show, Moises Chiullan’s epic Ozu series, over at Hollywood Elsewhere’s Arthouse Cowboy column.

Will you be purchasing a Region-Free Blu-ray Player for these discs? Which Ozu titles would you like to see Criterion release on Blu-ray?

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  • To me, the really big news is this combo Blu-ray/DVD format where we get both disc types in the same package. I wonder how long it will be before Criterion starts offering that option? I have a few double-dips already but I'd really like to have the convenience of both in one case! I'd be very interested in a Noriko Trilogy blu-ray box set (the same three you have pictured in the header image.) Not sure that the early prewar Ozu films would benefit from Blu-ray since they are in pretty rough shape already, but I'd take a look at 'em! Good Morning could definitely benefit from an upgrade, that's one of early Criterion's poorest quality discs.

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