Black Friday To See Netflix Enabled Blu-Ray Players At All-Time Low, Discs At $5-10

Being a senior in college, money is not the smallest of issues when it comes to this writer’s life.   Therefore, let’s just say, I’ve stayed a back from the rush to go Blu.

However, if this report from is to be believed, that is about to change.

The outlet is reporting that Dealnews is forecasting that Netflix-enabled Blu-ray players will be selling for $49 come this year’s Black Friday, and that older film releases will be available for $5, with newer titles hitting the $10 mark.

There is also speculation on the various forums that we’ll see another 50% Off Criterion sale from Barnes and Noble, and most likely again from Amazon.

Even more compelling, is that they report that these sales will be available during the ‘Black Friday season’ meaning that instead of just one single day, these sales will be available for a rather long period of time, roughly during mid to late-November.

TVs have apparently hit the floor when it comes to prices, but where those may not be budging much, I sure will be looking into upgrading come this November.   These prices are just too good to pass up, and while I’m a little afraid to have to start a whole new collection of films on Blu-ray, at this relatively low price, I really can’t help but have to give in at this point.   It’s just too good to pass up.

What do you think? What deals are you hoping for this holiday season?


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  • I’m always ready for sales on blu-rays. I’ve been defensive about them until I own a player and a 42in HDTV and saw the higher resolution and film speed at a true 24 frame rate. Not to be confused with the extra feature on HDTVs called tru-motion which makes movies look awfully sped up. The quality of Bluray if mastered correctly looks closer to film. DVDs don’t do movies justice. The bitrates are too low. I don’t have any problem upgrading any of my DVDs because I know what I’m getting.

  • I’m digging the idea of $5 blu-rays. I have an enormous collection of DVDs that I spent thousands of dollars on and it broke my heart when the bottom dropped out and you can now pick up titles for 4 or 5-dollars. I decided I’m not investing in a blu-ray collection unless I can get them super cheap.

    That being said, I hope we see another book war this year. Major titles from Stephen King and other big authors were going for 10-dollars or less last season.

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