Blu-ray Capacity Potential Now Exceeds 100 Gigabytes, Will Not Be Used For Consumer Home Entertainment At This Point

This is deeply saddening.

According to a report from Home Media Magazine, the Blu-ray Disc Association has approved specifications for a new 128 GB, multilayer recordable version of the format, known as BDXL, but that same organization also stated that this format would most likely not see the like of day in the form of any sort of commercial release.

Those looking for the Berlin Alexanderplatz one disc collection, you may have to shelve those dreams.

Current Blu-ray players could not withstand the expansive data amount, so it would require a new player, but this will most likely stay in the world of medical imaging and things of that nature. Bummer, for sure.

Personally, this is really a damn shame. While I love what I’ve seen of the Blu-rays that I’ve watched, the idea of being able to watch an entire season of television on one disc, really makes me excited. Not only that, but it would (hopefully) bring down prices of such things, and for that matter, we would (hopefully) see a rise in special features, instead of things like the Shutter Island DVD, which has literally no supplemental features on it.

Source: Home Media Magazine

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  • Relax — you will get your wish with ZERO disks soon enough. Which is also why this tech isn't moving forward in the consumer sphere.

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