Brand Upon The Brain Director Guy Maddin Casts The Legendary Udo Kier In Upcoming Film, Keyhole

Very few filmmakers have routinely put out fantastic product with less publicity than the wonderful Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin.

With films like Brand Upon The Brain and a fantastic and underseen Dracula film known as Pages From A Virgin’s Diary (currently available on Netflix Watch Instantly), Maddin has become one of today’s most interesting and gifted filmmakers. After much waiting, it looks like Maddin has finally filled out his next project, and what a film it’s going to be.

According to Twitch, Maddin’s upcoming film Keyhole has finally found its lead, in the form of Udo Kier, star of such Criterion films as: Blood For Dracula, Flesh For Frankenstein, Europa, and My Own Private Idaho. The film has been described as a Homer like story of ‘”a gangster returns home after a long absence toting a drowned girl, who has mysteriously returned to life, and a bound-and-gagged hostage, who is actually his own teenage son. His odyssey is through his own house one room at a time until he arrives in the boudoir of his wife”

The film also stars Jason Patric, Isabella Rossellini and Kevin McDonald, and looks to be Maddin’s most impressive film to date. His last film, My Winnipeg, was one of his most beloved films, and also one of his best, so this has the makings of a fantastic film. Hopefully this flick will live up to the massive potential that it has. Who knows, this has a Criterion release written all over it, so we may one day see this thing talked about here far more than just in this post.

Source: Twitch


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