Brian De Palma To Direct Remake Of Cult 1987 Film ‘Heat’ With Jason Statham

With the days of ‘˜Blow Out’ and ‘˜Sisters’ firmly behind the once beloved auteur, director Brian De Palma has become something of a pariah.   Be it his horrible ‘˜The Black Dahlia’ or the even clunkier ‘˜Redacted,’ the director hasn’t had the level of success that he once had back in the ‘˜70s and ‘˜80s with films like those previously mentioned.

However, he’s found himself behind a series of projects recently, and the list only gets longer.

Deadline is reporting that De Palma will helm a remake of the Burt Reynolds film, ‘˜Heat,’ from a script penned by William Goldman. Jason Statham will star in the picture, which is currently set to be sold at this year’s Berlinale.

The original film followed the story of a bodyguard in Las Vegas who is ‘out to protect his friends,’ according to IMDb.   Goldman wrote the original film, as well as the novel from which it is based, so it remains to be seen if this will be an update from the writer, or if De Palma will be going straight back to the original piece. Personally, while I haven’t seen the film, I have really high hopes for this flick.   De Palma needs a nice hit under his belt once again, and this could be just that.   One can only hope.

What do you think?

Source Deadline


  • Come on — Black Dahlia wasn’t that bad.  Some of the performances didn’t work, but it was pretty tight formally.  And Redacted was essentially a quickie made-for-tv movie that De Palma used as a chance to experiment with digital filmmaking technology.

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