Charlie Kaufman’s Next Film Will Be A Musical

As one half of the writing and directing team behind the, soon to be, Criterion-approved masterpiece ‘˜Being John Malkovich,’ writer Charlie Kaufman has not only become one of the most sought after writers around, but also a mighty talented filmmaker himself. His debut feature, ‘˜Synecdoche, New York,’ is one of the most original films from the past few years, and now all eyes are set to his future.

During a recent BAFTA Screenwriters Lecture (via The Playlist), the writer/director revealed that his next film, ‘˜Frank or Francis,’ will be a pure musical, not a film using music: ‘I always try to do something different, but I’m a person with a very specific existence and a very specific background’¦.This thing that I just wrote that will hopefully get made is a musical, and I’ve never done that before, so I did it.’ Exciting.

As a huge fan of Kaufman’s, this couldn’t be better news.   The idea of a Kaufman going out of his comfort zone is being enticing, and really makes me think that we are in for something immensely special.  Not much is known about the film, but then again, what is there to really know? A musical from the man behind ‘˜Being John Malkovich’? Count me the hell in.

What do you think?

Source BAFTA / The Playlist

Joshua Brunsting

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