Clips From Upcoming 4K Restoration Of ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ Debut At HPA Technology Event Tuesday

If there has ever been cause for a film to be put onto Blu-ray, it’s ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’.

One of cinema’s most beautiful and awe inspiring epics from iconic filmmaker David Lean, has had a new print restoration long since in the works, and according to THR, people are finally starting to see the gorgeous reward of their hard work.

The outlet reports that parts of a new restored 4K version of the classic were shown to an audience at the Hollywood Post Alliance’s Technology Retreat on Tuesday, during a panel which premiered a collection of before-and-after clips.   The film in its entirety wasn’t show, but with a Blu-ray release pending later this year as well as a re-release into theaters, we should be seeing much more from this upgrade relatively soon.

The panel also featured our first real look at Disney’s work on their classic ‘˜Pollyanna,’ a film I have not seen, but find quite interesting.   Overall, ‘˜Arabia’ has always been a film which seemed to exist solely to be put on Blu-ray, as it’s just so damn gorgeous, so here’s to hoping we’ll be seeing this sucker sooner, rather than later.

What do you think?

Source THR

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  • I agree, this will be nice to have in the best possible home theater format, but LoA really demands the biggest projected canvas available, and I hope they take it on the road later this year. I know that the aspect ratios are different, but I wonder if an IMAX projection could be arranged?

  • This was the first film I ever saw, my parents took me to see it at the Corporals Club in RAF Seletar, Singapore in 1963. Being bthe first film I had ever seen left an indelible imprint in my mind together with the second film I ever saw “Zulu”. I have watched both of these films time and time again and long for the final release of LOA on Blu Ray to be treasured and watched in in all its glory. 

  • Interview with Glover Crisp, VP Sony on Taxi Driver restoration, mentioned that L of A was scanned at 8K.  It’s getting the full treatment.  4K because only 4K theaters?

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